Approved Hose Suppliers

Using a BFPA certified hose supplier displaying the ‘Q’ Approved logo will ensure that hoses supplied by that company will have been manufactured or assembled to an approved standard by a company accredited as competent in the making of hydraulic hose assemblies.

  • Properly accredited suppliers and manufacturers:
  • Use only properly trained staff
  • Boast clean, well presented and maintained workshops
  • Always rotate stock correctly
  • Have a professional understanding of hose technology – which hose for which application
  • Will not mix and match ‘Q’ Approved and non-approved components
  • Subject themselves to detailed technical audit every two years by an industry expert

If customers are not already using an accredited Hose Scheme supplier, unintentionally they could be participating in the supply of poor quality, unregulated products into the market place. Companies who join the BFPA demonstrate their commitment to hydraulic hose safety by joining the Hose Accreditation Scheme. Both Associations are owned by their members who include all types of companies all of whom work tirelessly to raise the standards of professionalism within the hydraulic and pneumatic industries.