BFPA Approved Trainers’ Training Day

November saw eight of the BFPAs Approved Trainers take part in a training day here at the BFPAs Head Office aimed at building on existing skills to develop their training techniques.

The BFPA had invited Vince Holley of ‘At Last Training’ to present a series of sessions during the day to encourage the trainers to think about how they deliver their training to candidates and consider different techniques to increase active participation and improve learning retention.

Session planning, questioning techniques, assessment and feedback methods along with identifying different learning styles were all explored through fun activities which had the trainers up, moving about the classroom, and mixing with everyone to test and experience the different teaching methods under discussion.

Andy Dickens of Interpump Hydraulics commented that he “would recommend … (the day)…. to all training staff, thoroughly enjoyable and I have left with some great ideas for the future”.

Christopher Hamlett of AlfaGomma thought the course was “excellent, can’t wait to include the techniques in the training course I deliver”.

This ‘Training Delivery Techniques’ course is part of the BFPA’s programme of continuing professional development which aims to maintain the high standard of training offered to our clients by supporting our Approved Trainers and encouraging their enthusiasm and skills development. The extremely positive response from all the trainers taking part is most welcome and we plan to offer further sessions next year to follow up on how well techniques have been put into practice and encourage other trainers unable to attend this event to join in the programme.

Photo: Back row (LtoR):Phil Ingate (Parker Hannifin Ltd), Mick Perry (Parker Hannifin Ltd), Vince Holley (trainer), Ryan Langley (Hercules Hydraulics Ltd) and Martin Lindsey (Stauff UK Ltd) Front row (LtorR) Martyn Smart (Pirtek UK Ltd), Chris Hamlett (Alfa Gomma UK Ltd), Andy Dickens (Interpump Hydraulics Ltd) Stephen Dilkes (Fluid Power Design Solutions Ltd).

Companies attending the day were: Parker Hannifin Ltd, Interpump Hydraulics UK Ltd, Stauff UK Ltd, Pirtek UK Ltd, Fluid Power Design Solutions Ltd, Hercules Hydraulics Ltd, BFPA and Alfa Gomma UK Ltd.