Hose Scheme

The BFPA Approved Hose Assemblies Scheme was established in 1995 and is now the leading industry accreditation scheme for hose manufacturing, distribution and fitting. It sets an accredited and credible standard for the assembly, storage and supply of hose across all sectors.

The Scheme aims to ensure that all hoses displaying the Q-approved logo have been manufactured and supplied to an approved standard by a fully accredited distributor or manufacturing company complies fully with the BFPDA D8 and /or D12 quality control procedures and certification requirements for the manufacture of flexible hose assemblies for fluid power.

Member companies of the Approved Hose Scheme are committed to having their employees trained to an industrial standard that meets these quality control guidelines.

Through this website, readers will find information to help them adopt only ‘Best Practice’ standards with regard to hydraulic hose safety. Encouraging end users to fit only hoses complying with the requirements of the BFPA’s ‘Approved Hose Assemblies’ scheme is one way of raising standards and awareness. Becoming a member of the scheme is another way. Membership permits a hose manufacturer to display the prestigious ‘Q’ mark logo on all stationery, vehicle liveries and marketing material. The ‘Q Approved Hose Assemblies’ logo is widely seen and accepted as a badge of distinction throughout the industry.