This site has been developed by BFPDA and BFPA members of the hydraulic industry to set an accredited industry-wide standard for the manufacture, distribution, sale and fitting of hydraulic hoses.

  • One way this can be achieved is to promote a 'Best Practice' ethos throughout the industry as a whole.
  • Look for the 'Q' Approved Hose Safety Logo
  • Never mix and match approved and non-approved hoses
  • Ensure full compliance with BS EN ISO 4413:2010 and BFPDA document D8

In the following pages, readers will find information which we trust will lead them to adopt only 'Best Practice' standards with regard to hydraulic hose safety. Remember this 'if anything goes wrong, it can only be serious.' Encouraging users to fit hoses complying with the requirements of the BFPDA's 'Approved Hose Assemblies' scheme is one way of raising standards and awareness. Becoming a member of the scheme is another way. Membership permits a hose manufacturer to display the prestigious 'Q' mark logo on all stationery, vehicle liveries and marketing material. The 'Q Approved Hose Assemblies' logo is widely seen and accepted as a badge of distinction throughout the industry.