Q Approved Assemblies

‘Q’ APPROVED – What is an Accredited Supplier or Manufacturer?

An accredited supplier is one who is proud to carry and display the ‘Q’ Approved Hose Safety Logo. This logo, which will be seen on all stationery, invoices and vehicle livery, is a mark of confidence and respect throughout the industry. To be an accredited supplier a company must be able to demonstrate to the appointed BFPA inspector that it adheres to relevant BSI – ISO Standards in respect of the supply, storage, handling and fitting of hydraulic hoses, and produces hose assemblies in accordance with both the BFPDA D8 (facilities) and or D12 (mobile vans) documents. Once accredited, approved companies are re-inspected every two years.

BS EN ISO 4413:2010

Hydraulic Fluid Power – General rules and safety requirements for systems and their components. This standard, supersedes BS EN 982 which most fluid power machinery manufacturers use in order to achieve a ‘presumption of conformity’ with the Machinery Directive, in nothing if not clear on the subject Clause a) states: “hose assemblies shall be constructed from hoses that have NOT been previously used in operation as part of another hose assembly and that fulfil all performance and marking requirements given in appropriate standards” In CEN and ISO parlance, the word `shall` is taken as ‘must comply’ – it is non negotiable. It is therefore quite clear that the international standard is intent to outlaw the re-ending of flexible hydraulic hoses.